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“Traveling- it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller”. I have been travelling long enough that to travel is just like breathing for me.  And this is why I can even sleep talk about traveling anytime and anywhere. Knowledge increases by sharing and not by saving and which is why I am writing yet again to help you prioritize your leftover holidays in 2018.

Travelling abroad is surely on everyone’s bucket list and have always been a prime choice of travelers every now and then. However, travel and tourism trends have always been changing in sync with what the majority of travellers have been inspired to do. People are not simply travelling to break the monotony from their everyday lives but to experience thrill, adrenaline, and adventure. Therefore, the admiration for experiential travel destinations is drastically snowballing if compared to the traditional vacation destinations. And if you see you will be surprised to know these latest emerging trends in Indian tourism because isn’t one of these travel trends on your list too?

Women Group or Solo Trips

Always a proud woman solo traveller, this is my favourite travel trend of this year. I am glad that women are coming forward to break the stereotypes and planning getaways all by themselves. Initially, I just wanted to make people aware of the beauty of north-east India and promote north-east tourism. But, as I am moving forward with my plans, I really want women to score a majority in north east india tourism.

Enjoying and Adapting North-East Culture

Nowadays tour and travel companies are earning in big numbers as they are hot selling solo-travel tour packages in and around India. The best part of solo traveling is that it can be well-planned on a low budget.

Because Traveling to the Road Less Taken is the New Thrill

 As and when holidays knock at the door, everyone is seen to pack their bags to go and relax in the mountains or on the beach. Some of the most preferred tourist destinations in India include Jammu & Kashmir, Goa, Rajasthan, Mumbai and southern states. But, north-east india tour trip experiences have been gaining much popularity now with improvements in road routes and infrastructure and hence, people are now choosing to travel to the north-east where once traveling wasn’t much easy.

Happiness is Exploring the Road Less Taken

And of course, choosing that rare destination will give its visitors ample chances to show off their travel moments at social media. Yes, this is what tourism updates 2018 says!

Homestays over Luxury Resorts and Hotels

According to travel trends news 2018, there has been an evident shift in the change of preference of tourists to stay in homestays rather than in resorts and hotels.

Because Home Sweet Home!

Wondering why? Because the kind of hospitality homestays offer, it’s hard to match all the luxury and comfort you crave for after spending a lot at five-star hotels and resorts. These homestays in north-east india are a live example of true Indian hospitality that too without spending much. [Explore These Homestays of North East India]

Escape in the Lap of Nature

Spending time in the lap of nature is surely one of the hottest travel trends of all time. Waking up to the breath-taking view of mountains or lush greenery is what everyone’s idea of a perfect holiday. And what’s better than traveling to north-east India where you are sure to get amazed by panoramic views of the mighty Himalayas, the green plains of Assam, the breath-taking lakes of Sikkim, the lush forests of Meghalaya and much more. Out of these, living root bridges of Meghalaya are my favourite and I really want that whosoever is reading this right now should plan a trip to Meghalaya once in their lifetime and checkout this nature’s unique creation.

Living Root Bridge in Meghalaya

Adrenaline Fueled Getaways

This one is one of the most popular and widely emerging trends in Indian tourism. Be it trekking in the Himalayas or driving through the risky road routes in North-East India, our young travelers are very clear with their plans that it is the adventure which is calling them and not the cliché tourist spots. [Explore Best Road Trips in North-East India]

Do More of What Makes You Happy

Sustainable Tourism

The more environmentally friendly trip, the better. And no place better than the north-east region can justify this. Be it M.G. Road in Gangtok or Mawlynnong Village near Shillong, travelers are getting influenced greatly by these north-east travel experiences. I am glad this is one of the emerging trends in Indian tourism because Our Beautiful India is no less than any other country.

Wildlife Tourism

Recent surveys have confirmed that wildlife viewing is an important segment of Indian tourism with growing disappearance of many exotic birds and animals. And whenever there is a mention of wildlife, one cannot ignore the north-east region as the majority of national parks and wildlife sanctuaries are located here. Kaziranga National Park, Manas National Park, and Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary are some of the popular national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in North-East India. [Explore Wildlife in North East India]

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