Everything You Would Want to Know About India’s Greatest Outdoor Musical Festival

4 Days and 2 stages all packed up with 40 different acts…So, are you ready to be a part of the coolest fest in India? Yes, I am not kidding. It’s time for Ziro festival of music in north east and I so desperately want to be a part of this 4-day celebration of music, culture, art, and happiness. But since I am very much busy with my book coming in its final stages and, of course with my family, I will not be able to attend it this year. But are you? If not, you need to hurry up because not much time is left as the Ziro Festival 2018 dates are already out. The festival will begin on 27th September and will end on 30th September 2018. And, I can certainly vouch for the fact that it is not just another music festival which is happening in India but is India’s greatest outdoor musical festival. So, common lets quickly go through this blog as I have put down everything you would want to know about this musical event which is all set to commence soon! [Explore Tawang Festival in ‎Arunachal]

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Where is it going to take place? ‘Ziro Festival of Music’ as the name suggests is celebrated in the Ziro Valley of Arunachal Pradesh every year. The Ziro Valley is a home to Apatani tribe who are well known for their friendliness and love for music. Hosted by Apatani tribe, this amazing festival takes place at the height of 5.500 feet above sea level amidst the splendid mountains. Besides promoting tourism in the north-east, this fabulous gala is an opportunity for all the amazing musical artists to showcase their talent to the world.
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Amazingly Shot Aerial View of the Holongi-Itnagar Highway (Image Courtesy: Union Minister Rijiju)
How to Reach at Ziro Festival of Music 2018
  • If you are traveling by air, Tezpur in Assam is the nearest airport. However, flights usually get cancelled without a reason here and thus, it is advisable not to book it. Rather opt for a flight to Guwahati, which is easily accessible from different parts of the country. One can reach Ziro Valley from Guwahati via various transport options.
  • If you are traveling by rail, Naharlagun is the nearest railway station for accessing Ziro Festival. You can board an overnight train from Guwahati to Naharlagun. Naharlagun is about 3 hours away from Ziro.
  • If you are traveling by road, hire direct buses or taxis from Guwahati, Itanagar, and Naharlagun to reach Ziro Valley.
Note: There are two main access points to Arunachal Pradesh – Bandardewa Gate and Kimin Gate. Another one includes Hollongi Checkpost. All non-residents need an Inner Line Permit (ILP) whereas Foreigners need a Protect Area Permit (PAP) to enter Arunachal Pradesh. Further, foreigners can only go through an approved travel agency with 50 USD Royalty fee per head. You can get both the permits from the Arunachal Pradesh Tourism Offices that operate from all the major Indian cities. Remember to carry your passport-sized photos and ID proofs to get any of the two permits.
Image Courtesy: zirofestival.com
Know more at http://www.arunachaltourism.com/inner.php http://www.arunachaltourism.com/pap.php How to book Ziro Festival Tickets 2018? Ziro Festival of Music tickets 2018 can be booked online on its official website i.e zirofestival.com. The tickets are available on per day basis at a cost of 2,000 INR per person. This ticket does not include food and accommodation. So, what are you waiting for? Book your tickets for Ziro Festival 2018 now! Ziro Festival Accommodation- Where to stay in Ziro? Know that there aren’t many accommodation options available in Ziro, so it is better to make reservations well in advance for homestays in northeast or hotels in india. You can either opt to stay at the official campsite or can go for private tour organizers who will help you organize private tents near the festival site. Artists who are all lined up to set the stage on fire! From solo musicians to music bands, you can enjoy every type of music in this awesome festival. Be it rock, jazz, pop funk, hip hop, grunge, fusion or classical, this festival takes care of every genre for its music lovers. Some of the bands and artists who are going to be a part of the festival are Mono, Sukkanya Ramgopal, Mamadou Sidiki Diabate, Prabh Deep, Nubya Garcia, Malox, Avora Records, Oorka, Dewdrops, Colored Keys, Search N Found, and many more. What’s more in stock for the crowd? Apart from attending musical events, one can indulge in north-east food flavours and pamper their taste buds. You can find fresh local wines and rice beer all stocked up in the festive bar. Also, this festival is initiating a zero-waste drive led by Kollol Brahmadutta towards the alarming global plastic waste pollution. Not only this, this place is a treat for nature lovers. While there are no performances during the morning hours, one can plan to unwind amidst the nature or go on exploring the place! Thanks to the festival’s amazing sponsors (Doordarshan, Air India, ONGC, NECMD, Embassy of Israel and Arunachal Pradesh Gateway to Security) who are making it more grand this year. [Explore North East Travel eBook India]  

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