Lakes in Sikkim

If you ask me, I can never run out of reasons as to why I love the north-eastern land. I have been spell bounded with its natural surrounding and magical aura which without a miss calls me every now and then.

Have you ever been there standing near the crystal-clear water beds and able to breathe in that intoxicated air which makes you forget all the worries of your lifetime? Not to forget that cool breeze hitting your face as you close your eyes and spread your arms to get lost in the very moment. And, finally having that urge to stay there forever because you never felt that relaxed and peaceful before. Yes, I am already blessed to have felt this way and trust me it was the most serene feeling I have ever felt. There’s some inescapable charm about the region’s abundance of natural biodiversity and water bodies nestled between lush greenery. While there are quite a lot many beautiful lakes in the entire north-east, I would like to share about the ones in Sikkim as they are the best of all!

A trekking tour to Sikkim should be on your travel bucket list if you want to visit the enthralling and exquisite lakes that come along the way. While the state has a lot of other places to visit, a pitstop at some of the most breath-taking lakes in Sikkim will certainly enchant you.

Tsomgo or Changu Lake

Located at Gangtok-Nathula Highway, this beautiful glacier lake holds a special importance for the Sikkimese people (faith-healers or Jhakris). Popularly known as the ‘Changu Lake” by the locales, this oval-shaped lake is generally frozen in winters due to low-temperature conditions. You will be amazed to know that this lake is famous due to its colour changing property. Also, it is an amazing place to be, if you are a bird watcher as it is visited by a number of migratory birds.

Menmecho Lake

This striking lake provides its visitors with the best of both worlds with the breathtaking views of the mighty mountains and beach like setting (sand near the shore). Located just below the Jelep La Pass, Menmecho Lake acts as the source of Rangpo-chu River which flows through the state. Also, this destination is famous for Trout-Fishing. You have to read my upcoming book on my solo north-east India travels– ‘Early Sunrise Early Sunset’ to know more about my best travel experiences of north-east india.

Gurudongmar Lake

Being close to nature always makes you appreciate the wonders of God and for a reason makes you a free spirit. And being a woman with different role plays to perform, it is the place where I get to soothe down my nerves! Nestled amidst snow-capped mountain peaks at an altitude of 17,100ft, Gurudongmar Lake is one of the most captivating lakes in Sikkim and one of the highest lakes in the world. The lake is considered to be carrying religious significance for both Buddhists and Sikhs. Named after Guru Dongmar, this lake has a fascinating property that even in extreme winters, a part of this lake never freezes. There is a surprising myth related to this fact that once Guru Dongmar touched a part of this frozen lake since it was not able to supply water to the villagers.

The Mesmerizing View from Gurudongmar Lake

Khecheopalri Lake

Snuggled between the groovy patches of forests at a height of 38,710 ft, the Khecheopalri Lake is one of the holiest lakes in the state of Sikkim. A paradise for nature lovers and birdwatchers, this pilgrim destination in nthe north-east is known for an interesting fact that no leaves can be seen floating in the lake despite being located amidst dense forests as the birds safeguard this holy lake from any kind of intruders, be it removing the fallen leaves from the lake.

Khecheopalri Lake

Samiti Lake

One of the tiniest lakes in Sikkim, you can get a glimpse of this pristine lake while you are on an enthralling Goecha La trek or the Dzongri trek. I believe in appreciating small little things that give one joy and trust me, this one’s worth it!

Aritar Lake

Located in East Sikkim, Aritar is a small village with a lake in its proximity. The Aritar Lake is also known to many as Lampokhri Lake. Situated at an altitude of 4600 feet, it is one of the oldest lakes in Sikkim. This boot-shaped lake looks absolutely stunning due to its surrounding natural beauty. Snuggled up between lush greenery, visitors can enjoy the view while they engage in boating in the lake. Know more wildlife adventure activities in north east india .

Priyanka Rastogi
Priyanka Rastogi

Priyanka Rastogi is a fervent explorer backed with rich experience in travel and tourism Industry from the grassroots level. Author of 'Early Sunrise, Early Sunset',

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