A street hawker selling sweet corn or Bhuttey on the busiest street of police bazaar. I couldn’t stop myself after seeing hot steaming & fresh sweet corn during that cold evening.
Mawsmai Cave is a beautiful and natural cave, which I recommend as a must-visit for all the those who travel to Meghalaya but would advise the elderly people to take a step back as this is a dark place with barely any light and you will have to mind your head during your walk inside the caves as there are a lot of projections. And you might have to crawl a few places.
Inside glimpse of Mawsami Caves, which is dark, but there is some artificial lights work being done here. You will experience water dripping from the top randomly, but it was fun. Walking inside the cave was really adventurous and exciting.
Double Decker Living Root Bridge in Cherrapunjee, which is a natural bridge made as the roots joined themselves. The saying “No Pain, No Gain” is very apt here, to witness this beautiful formation one needs to trek for nearly 90 minutes through the scenic places, which will actually keep you entertained. As you reach the Nongriat Village, you need to walk a little further to reach the double-decker root bridge.
This is a taxi stand in Shillong, where you will get to see only Maruti-800’s, which this place is known for and it’s convenient too in these hill station roads. Riding in these cars is really an experience. Fares are also cheap for any commute within the city limits.
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