Police Bazar – Main Market, Taxi Stand, Local Shops | Shillong – 1

It was my first trip to Shillong. I hired a personal taxi from Guwahati to my place of stay – Resort Ri Kynjai at Shillong, which was prebooked. It was 100 km and took me about 3 hours to reach my destination. On reaching, I checked-in to my room and got some rest which was a much-needed one after a long journey. I had a power nap and immediately after I moved out to the reception asking me to help me with a drop service to the main bazar area. They quickly helped me with a vehicle which took me to the Main Bazar which is known as Police Bazar. For the first time, I saw a lot of Maruti 800 car’s parked in an area, I then got to know it was the taxi stand and these cars are used for taxi service. I was all excited to get a ride in these cars as it was really long that I sat in a Maruti 800. These cars were more used like auto’s here where each one had some serial numbers and was assigned to passengers as per their order and the area the cabs operate.

I enquired about the local sightseeing places and I got to know Ward’s lake was the closest one to Police Bazar and asked for a drop till that point. As I got in the car I noticed the car had a number 7 and so was the driver with the same number. Frankly speaking, I was feeling so comfortable on those seats, they were well maintained. I was charged just INR 10/- for my drop. From the lake, I then walked towards the main bazar area for some quick bite.

Delhi Mistan Bhandar – Shillong

I had heard about the Famous Delhi Mistan Bhandar in Police Bazar area and their mouth-watering eateries. As I entered inside I could smell some delicious Kachori’s being baked. The place was very crowded and I barely managed to get a table to sit on the first floor. This place offers a wide variety of sweets and snacks. I tried Kachori and Ginger tea.

It was just the first bite & I was blown by the taste of it. It was so yummy that I couldn’t resist myself from another one. My evening snack turned out to be my dinner. But it was a memorable snack’y day for me.

I then headed out to the road where I found a lot of street vendors selling a lot of stuff around.

I spent my time talking to the vendors and understanding what, when & how they work. It was an evening well spent with the localities. In a just a while I realized it was late and I had to head back to my resort as it was away from the main town area.

Police Bazar Chowk

I moved towards the Taxi stand to head towards my resort as it was about 25 kms from the main town area and it would take me about an hour to reach. And my journey continues…

Priyanka Rastogi
Priyanka Rastogi

Priyanka Rastogi is a fervent explorer backed with rich experience in travel and tourism Industry from the grassroots level. Author of 'Early Sunrise, Early Sunset',

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