Tour to Mary Kom’s Village – Kangathei

As I entered the Kangathei village in my car, there were a group of people who were watching me and also came asking how can I help you, madam, I then said I want to visit Mary Kom’s house then her neighbours showed me her house form outside and took me their house, who claimed to be her relatives.
The entrance of Mary Kom’s old house which is in Kangathei, a village far away from the main city. That feeling I had was amazing while I was traveling towards her village, my emotions were totally different and I was out of words. Since the time I watched the movie ‘Mary Kom,’ I also wanted to meet her & experience her childhood by visiting the place where she lived.
It’s me standing just in front of the legendary Mary Kom’s house, which can be related by those who have watched the movie. It was a pretty small yet cozy house located in a beautiful village. With all these difficulties she did make her dream come true.
I could not control myself and finally peek inside through the window.
I would recommend every visitor to Manipur to visit her village & house to feel the energy and aura around it. 

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