Why Plan A Trip To North-East This Christmas Season!

Christmas and New Year celebrations make the best endings to the ongoing year and cheerful welcome to yet another new year! And, which is why you should be able to make out the best from them. Still not sorted with your Christmas and New Year plans? Don’t worry, I have got you covered with the best plans of 2018!

As a north-east lover, I will yet again try and convince all of you that north-east has surely stored in something for everyone. From nature lovers to adventure seekers, north-east is the place to be. And, with current Christmas feels, I would suggest each one of you plan a trip to Mizoram, Meghalaya and Kolkata specifically!

Mizoram– one of the 7 sister states in north-east has a majority of its population as Christians. Almost 87% of Mizos (people of Mizoram) are Christians. And, therefore you will find plenty of churches in Mizoram and of course, those Christmas feels in full swing.

Recently, the state inaugurated its biggest church for tourists back on 25th December 2017 in Aizawl. Nestled in the lap of nature surrounded by lush green landscape, the Solomon’s Temple took over 20 years to build. The Temple accommodates 2,000 people within the main hall and ten thousand people within its courtyard. Hence, making it a hotspot for all the tourists. And, imagine visiting the same on Christmas? OMG, the thought itself giving me chills.

Picture Courtesy: The Asian Age

Other Famous Churches in Mizoram

Apart from Solomon’s Temple, there are four other major churches in Mizoram:

  • Presbyterian Church
  • Mizoram Baptist
  • Roman Catholic
  • Salvation Army

Visiting these churches during Christmas vacation are surely a visual treat!


The Christian population in Meghalaya is around 83% of its total population. And hence, Christianity is the largest and official religion of Meghalaya. So, it is among the best places in India for those ethnic Christmas vibes and celebrations.

Popular Churches in Meghalaya

  1. All Saints Church in Shillong
  2. Mary Help of Christians Cathedral in Shillong
  3. First Presbyterian Church in Cherrapunjee
  4. Nongsawlia Church in Cherrapunjee


Unlike visiting churches for those Christmas feels, Kolkata is just the perfect place to be at if you really want to enjoy Christmas. The state organizes a Kolkata Christmas Festival every year in the month of December on Park Street, Kolkata. The massive festival starts from 22nd and ends on 30th December and is known to be the largest Christmas carnival in India. The Kolkata Christmas Festival was initiated in 2011 by the Tourism of West Bengal, in association with the Christian community.

Picture Courtesy: The Statesman

Being present at the glittering Park Street and illuminated St. Paul’s Cathedral is all you need to do this CHRISTMAS! Bands and various choir groups perform at Allen Park on Park Street. A two-hour Christmas Parade also takes place in which about 500 school children participate.

For more insights, click here.

Do I need to say more? C’mon hurry up, make sure you make your Christmas as special as you can with this north-east India trip! And, not to forget a Merry Christmas to all!

Priyanka Rastogi
Priyanka Rastogi

Priyanka Rastogi is a fervent explorer backed with rich experience in travel and tourism Industry from the grassroots level. Author of 'Early Sunrise, Early Sunset',

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