Yes, Mothers! This Mother’s Day Gift Yourself a Solo Vacation!

< style=”font-family:rubik;” >Yes, I am a mother and a wife and this isn’t stopping me from completing my solo travel bucket list!

It’s been years now that I have been traveling solo for most of the times. What earlier started as more of a work soon changed into my passion to explore the less travelled road (north-east India tourism attractions) all by myself. While I do have some of the best time spent as a solo women traveller before I got married, my solo trips to north-east India after my marriage are no less an adventure and are a great success. Honestly, things aren’t much different now. All you mothers must be thinking that how am I able to still live my dream being a wife and a mother. Do I neglect my family or what? Ain’t I supposed to be a good mother who sticks with her yet to be teenager daughter and make her learn about the life and other important things? Trust me, with travel you get to learn a lot more about being a good parent. You get to understand the importance of your family. Travelling boost your moral that no matter what you have to keep going. Travelling teaches you to be patient and never loose hope. Traveling makes you a better person, a person who is all about giving and spreading happiness. Traveling is a pure bliss, an experience that nobody can steal it from you!

I never miss being a part of my daughter’s joy- A Mother on Duty

Why you need to travel being a mother?

How being a mother teaches you to travel?

Sure, a mother’s job is to take care of her family. To ensure that her kids and husband are in the best of their health and taking their meals on time.  Also, a mother is responsible to make sure that that her kids learn about the right things to do in life and grow up to be a good person. However, gone are the days when a woman was supposed to dedicate her lifetime doing the home chores. I am sure you would agree to my conclusions too as to what all travel have got stored for you as a mother:

  • You need to have good listening and observational skills. As you travel to a different city, state or a country, a lot many things change including culture, religion, language, habits and most importantly expressions. As you are traveling alone you have to make sure that you are able to manage everything on your own and trust me you got to be good at listening and observing or else keep struggling and forget about enjoying.
  • You should be able to maintain a balance between your curiosity and being patient at the same time. Because sometimes you might be running short of time and there are plenty of places still left for you to be explored. Sometimes, its okay to let your curiosity be in vain and stay patient and be satisfied with what all you have got.
  • We are talking here about traveling alone right? So, you have got plenty of time all be yourself to actually research about the place like no one else. You are spending all your time of the vacation alone in that unkown city and its your responsibility to know about that place. You need to have answers to all the possible situations you may end up at.
  • Humans are all about emotions and traveling to bridges, sikkim lakes in north east india is what actually made me realise it. It’s the beautiful culture of the north-east which makes you more emotionally intelligent. People are full of affection there. Stay in the most beautiful north east homestays there. Share stories with your host. It’s the most heart warming feeling in the world to make friends with complete strangers.

And being a mother you have already got all of these qualities metioned above. Isn’t it? Because a mother’s job isn’t easy and it teaches you a lot. Mothers have to be patient with her kids always. Don’t you agree listening to those innocent yet silly questions repeatedly and answering them anyways again and again. Or the times, when you actually run out of appropriate answers and you still anyway answers them (maybe a lie sometimes). Keeping a watch on their activities (observing) to make sure that they are on a right path. And last but not the least spending time together and sharing experiences with them. From listening to what they did in school to what all they learnt new in school and keep appreciating and motivating them definitely prepares you for a lot more than just be limited to your home.

So, this Mother’s Day plan a solo women trip for yourself because you definitely deserve it !

Priyanka Rastogi
Priyanka Rastogi

Priyanka Rastogi is a fervent explorer backed with rich experience in travel and tourism Industry from the grassroots level. Author of 'Early Sunrise, Early Sunset',

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